Monday, 17 September 2018

Story Time - theme: A recount about an exciting time.

V8 Race Cars

One evening me and my Dad went to a stadium. It was a V8 Race Track!  

First, we had to get in line to give our ticket to the counter man. Next, we had to find our seat.

Then the cars came out onto the track, they took their position and reeved their engines and go! Off they went speeding across the track as fast as possible! Over taking, taking turns being in the lead.

Finally,it was over. No more loud noise. Do you know who won?

By Liam

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Story Time - Read our super stories about An Exciting Time.


On Sunday, Kevin, Jeremy and I drove to Snow Planet. Jeremy arrived first, Kevin arrived second and I arrived last because I was eating dinner that time.
First, I got changed into warm clothes. Then I got my snowboard, gloves, shoes and everything I needed.
Next, I raced to the snowboarding place but then I got really stuck. When I got to the top I slid down really fast. I really liked playing snowboarding at Snow Planet.

By Jayden


On Friday, after school I went to Jump. I nearly jumped the whole time. But next I had to stop jumping because a birthday party came busting in.
Finally, the birthday party went away. Next, I got to have fun. After I finished jumping I delighted eating some lovely chocolate.
One annoying time later my mum said we have to go home but I said I don’t want to go home now. Finally, my mum said you can stay four minutes. Thank you, mum.
Next, we jumped for a very long time because my mum is so nice. I got some blueberry cake with a cherry on top.
By Eliza


A few weeks ago, on Sunday I went to Emelia’s birthday party with my mum and dad. My friend Emelia and her sister were at the Ice Skating Arena! So their mum called my mum on the phone. My mum said, “I could go ice skating.”
Next, I went to Emelia’s home. Emelia, Olivia and I had a little mini bit of time left so we watched the i-Pad. “Hooray! Yay!” Then we had some AWESOME dinner. I felt awesome especially when we went ice skating!
By Anastasia


I have gone to lots of places. I have been to heaps of countries. I have been to Shanghai, Fiji and Noumeau.
In Noumea I went snorkeling in the shallow blue sea. At Fiji I swam in pools and looked at crabs. When I went to Shanghai I visited towers and went to big markets that were filled with statues and gold. These were really fun times. One of my friends came to Noumea.
By Sam


My mum, my dad, my sister and I like going to Singapore because we went to a lot of places. It was called Jurong East, Raffles place, City Hall and Habour Front. We also went to my Grandmother’s house because we can have fun. We went to Mountbatten to learn karate. We got a treat from my other Grandmother to go to Raffles and City Hall to see where my mum and my dad were going.
Finally, my mum, dad, sister and I got to the airport because we were going back to New Zealand.

By Joeric

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Science in a Van - Billy Goats Gruff

'The Billy Goats Gruff 'story was acted out to demonstrate
how the smaller goats could trick the Troll using
the Physics of forces and friction to cross the bridge.
Very clever and very funny!


If you stare long enough at the moving spiral and
then at something else, you will see the 'Waterfall Effect'.
Google it and you will see.
Miss Fullard sat on a 'nail cushion'! Ouch!
She was demonstrating - Physics.

ASB Financial Literacy

CAPTAIN CASH flew in to visit us with his yellow cape.
He explained to us about Money and what are Needs and Wants.
We also learned the importance of Saving some, Spending some
and Sharing some money.
He was very funny!

Daffodil Day - Fundraiser

Room 22 are so proud to be part of the Cancer Foundation Fundraiser.
We wore bright coloured clothing and daffodils to show our support. 

Father's Day Breakfast - even the fog didn't put people off flying their paper aeroplanes.
Girls, just wanna have fun with their Dads!
The food was delicious and the company awesome!