Sunday, 25 November 2018

Walk to School

Triplets - from a famous Soccer Team.
Promoting Walking to School.

May the Science Stay with You!

A class experiment using milk, food colourings and detergent. This shows a reaction of the fat in the milk and the detergent pushing away from the food colourings (water).

In Year 3 there is a Science Lunchtime Club organised by Mrs Trembath and myself. I look forward to seeing some of our budding scientists next year.



Joeric is showing us how an egg can BOUNCE.
And what happens if you drop it from too high (Mrs Smaill's fault).
It is all good learning about Science. And lots of fun!!!

Liam and Eliza inflating balloons!

Walky - Talky
Oscar with his friend Ethan, demonstate how sound travels.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Science or Magic?

Rachael showed us a special trick (Science Experiment) about how to balance water.
It was lots of fun and excitement!

A picutre paints a thousand words - priceless!

Science continued

Changing the colours of flowers - 'Capillary Action' by Georgia

Courtney demonstrates how to make 'Rainbow Skittles'.