Friday, 13 April 2018

Firemen Visit Recounts

The Firemen Visit
Firstly, we met the firemen in the hall.
We learnt not to play with stuff that causes fires.
Their job is to put out fires, they also help the ambulance people.
They help with all kind of accidents.
There were four firemen. Next, we went to see the fire truck,
but we didn’t just walk out the doors we had to go under
a black blanket. It was supposed to smoke so we had to,
get down and crawl. When we were finally outside we were allowed
to have a look at and in the fire truck. Then on the other side
was grass so we sat down as they showed us the uniform and
breathing gear.They showed the hoses to us. We liked the firemen visit.
I hope they come again. My favourite part was the sirens.
By Georgia


Last week, the firemen came to visit us to teach us about safety.
First, we went to the hall. They said don’t touch matches or lighters.
When you see matches or lighter you will give them to your mums and
dads. When it was the end we crawled underneath a black towel and we got
out of the hall. Then the firemen let us go in the fire truck. It was fun and my favourite part was when I got to go in the fire truck.

By Ruby


Last week, the firemen came to Sunnyhills School to talk about what to
do and what not to do. They showed what to not to play with. Also what
to do when a fire starts. You don’t just stay there, ring the firemen.
They help people get out of cars. They also do what ambulances do.
I liked when we got to go inside the fire truck.

By Alistair


Last week, the firemen visited Sunnyhills School to talk about the
fire truck and fire. First, he showed us what to do when the fire comes.
Next, the firemen showed matches, a lighter and candle. After, we
went outside to see a fire truck. Then, children went inside the fire truck.
Next, our class went into the fire truck. In that fire truck,
it was great. Then the firemen got their fire gear and one
fireman changed into the safety gear. I felt excited because
I went in the fire truck.

By Rachael

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


The Bunnies came to town ...

Safety Gear for Firemen

Can you sequence the photos in the correct order?

Riding in the Fire Truck


The Fire Truck

Look, at all the special equipment!

Fire Safety

If your clothes are on fire - Stop! Drop! and Roll!
Get down, get low, get out fast!


The Howick Firemen came to visit us.
They came to explain how to keep safe in a fire.